Psychic Readings
A reading can be an important part of the healing process after the passing of a loved one. 

Through mediumship (which is communicating with people and animals that have passed to the nonphysical), Spirit can provide emotional and spiritual support to those whose loved ones have passed to the nonphysical (through the change that we call death) .

In my connection to higher-frequency nonphysical energies during readings, much information is currently being presented concerning the energy changes on the Planet, and how those changes are impacting us both as individuals and as part of our communities.

I often hear Spirit encourage us to trust ourselves and let our feelings be our guide. Life should be FUN! 

My office provides a safe, comfortable and private setting. 

I offer 30-minute sessions in my office for $35. 
All readings are by appointment.

I am available for group readings in my office. Please, call for details.

I am extremely sensitive.

Please, refrain from wearing fragrance or perfumes when you come to my office for your appointment. When my energy field is clear, my readings have more clarity and depth.


Thank You!

304 Hancock Plaza, Suite 1J, Bangor ME 04401