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Welcome Home!

When you connect with nonphysical, it creates such a sense of peace and love that it feels like coming home.

And when I am connected, I begin to realize that I am always connected to my source (whether you call it God, Creator, Goddess, or some other term) even when I am unaware of it.

In fact, we are all always connected by energies most of us don't see.

The people and animals that we have loved but are no longer physically here are still here – and it is love that connects us all.

"There are as many paths to the Creator as there are people." – John Flood

I think that may be true. I also think that the key to finding that path is love. Because the more that I experience love, the more I feel my connectedness to all things – including Spirit/nonphysical.

Come sit with me in my office and experience the Love of Spirit. 

Allow yourself to feel the connection to loved ones that may have physically departed – yet are still here. 

Let the wisdom of Spirit offer you guidance concerning many aspects of your life. 

And perhaps most importantly, come to allow yourself to remember who YOU really are: an awesome eternal being that is meant to experience LOVE and JOY in this JOURNEY of daily life on Planet Earth!

The labels that can be used to describe my connection to nonphysical energies include:
  • Psychic
  • Medium
  • Sensitive*
  • Channel
  • Healer
  • Teacher

Whether you choose to experience a private or group reading – or attend a class or workshop – a channel opens that allows a connection with Spirit, promoting psychic and soul development.

That information is useful and helpful to us in our daily lives – if only we take the time to learn how to tune in to it. 

By paying attention and noticing, we can begin to follow the nudges to be in the right place at the right time. When we get into that stream of energy, life begins to flow much easier! 

Remember: Love is the key.

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 I appreciate it when you refrain from wearing strong perfumes or fragrances when visiting my office. Thank you in advance.